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5-Ounce Colorless Powder

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Our 5-ounce Colorless Powder is among the industry's best ultra-fine highly absorbent powders. From the Woochie collection by Cinema Secrets, the Colorless Powder includes a 5-ounce plastic container of one of the finest setting formulas available. It provides a flawless and fast set for the deepest black and brightest colors without fading or shifting. It will allow your cream makeup to set without caking since it is a superfine mineral powder that will effortlessly glide onto your skin and work into crevices to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Because our Woochie Colorless Powder is clump-free, anti-perspirant and streak-free, it is no wonder why it is preferred by many of the world's leading professional makeup artists. This Colorless Formula will not alter foundation and allows for over 1000 applications with proper use.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Sprinkle a small amount of Colorless Powder onto a powder puff. Fold the puff in half, and rub lightly, working the powder into the puff. Unfold, and gently shake off any excess powder still on the surface of the puff. Press the puff onto the makeup (do not rub), covering the whole surface. This absorbs the excess oils in the makeup, setting it in place. To get rid of the powdery look, use a moist towel or powder brush to blot out the excess powder.

To ease the application of a large prosthetic appliance hold the prosthetic on the face. Using a powder puff and Colorless Powder, heavily powder the edges of the appliance overlapping onto the skin. When the appliance is removed, you will have a clear, powdery outline of where the appliance will lay, and where the glue should be applied.

Includes: 5-ounce container
Not Included: Powder puff
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