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Create an Original Superhero Costume

Donít let anyone steal your thunder by arriving to the scene with the same identity as another crime-fighter. You can dodge their sneaky copycat attack by creating your own unique and original superhero costume. The key is to reflect elements of your characterís persona by incorporating the theme into your costumeís logo design and color scheme. It doesnít take extraordinary powers or super strength to make your own original superhero identity. You only need the know-how, a few pieces and some creativity to save the day! We have gathered recommendations and ideas on how to create an original superhero costume by mixing and matching different accessories of your choice!

The Zentai Skin Suit - choose your colors!
Decide on the theme and color scheme for your hero. There are some things to consider when choosing your colors. Primaries will stand out in a crowd and lighter colors are more visible at night. Black, gray or purple will set a darker, more brooding tone in comparison to blue, yellow, red or green being brighter and contrasting. Donít feel you have to limit yourself to one solid color. Our selection of zentai skin suit costumes come in a variety of fun patterns such as camouflage, grass, x-ray, muscle tissue and ninja gi prints. You can go for a more classic look with the solid color or show your creative streak with the prints.

MASK your secret identity!
With your chosen contrasting color in mind, decide on the mask style for your character. The classic choice would be the basic domino eye mask. However, there are many other mask styles depending on the look you want to portray such as a ski mask, sock mask, hood, goggles or even temporary face tattoos. The domino mask itself can be paired with a headband, colored wig or goggles.

Cloak yourself with a CAPE Take your persona up, up and away with the bold and dramatic addition of a superhero cape. For the classic look, we recommend matching the color of the cape with your mask. It will provide a seamless appearance. However, when taking a more creative route, it can be necessary to step away from this formula. Aside from color, you can customize it further with choosing the length.

GLOVES to get elbow deep in crime-fighting.
Keep those hands protected by suiting up with a set of superhero gloves. As with the guideline for choosing a cape, stick with the same color used for your mask. There are a variety of styles from the classic utility glove to the long opera-length glove for the female heroine. There are even clawed gloves for catty characters similar to Catwoman or claw fingertips for a more bestial persona similar to Wolverine. If you wish to keep your hands free of material, try a set of wrist cuffs to really enhance your costume with that armored look.

BELT to cinch things up!
Although seemingly insignificant in appearance, a utility belt can be an important tool for completing the superheroís costume. Not only can its bright contrast help break up the skin suitís solid block of color, it can have slots and pouches to carry your crime fighting gadgets everywhere you go! After all, it is a known fact that it is NEVER okay for a superhero to wear a fanny pack.

The EMBLEM - Create an original superhero identity!
Give your superhero person a powerful punch by adding a personalized emblem to your second skin suit or cape! All you need is to choose a symbol and then create a stencil. We have provided a few templates of generic superhero symbols that can be printed on paper for use as a stencil or you can use your own artistic skills to create your own. Click below to open them up in PDF format. There are a few methods you can use to place the emblem on your costume. Here are a couple of them:


  • STENCIL WITH FREEZER PAPER & FABRIC PAINT: Choose your stencil. Trace it onto freezer paper then cut out the shape and letter. Once cut, iron them onto the cape. Next add fabric paint with a foam brush to keep from going on too heavily and soaking through the fabric too much. You can even use a glitter fabric spray for that extra sparkle! Once the paint is dry, remove the freezer paper according to the paint instructions.
  • STENCIL WITH FELT AND GLUE: Simply use felt or sparkly paper (possibly with a holographic metallic-effect film). Decide on the letter or symbol, print it on paper, cut out and then trace onto the felt and cut out. Squeeze fabric glue all over the back of the letter or symbol and position on cape. Let dry.